360 Degree Panoramic Facebook Post

Recently started taking advantage of Facebook’s built-in ability to recognize 360 degree panoramic image files. The idea and concept has been around for years. But, Facebook just made it possible to load a simple panoramic jpg into a post and have it be interactive.

It works by reading the EXIF information attached to an image file. This happens usually without you having to do anything. The Camera will embed this info when you take the photograph.

However, rendering a panoramic image is another story. There is no EXIF info to embed. Adding this information manually allows the image to trick Facebook into thinking it was made with one of the new panoramic cameras that recently came on the market.

This is great for less tech savvy clients. There are no viewers that need to be installed or downloaded. It just works. You can simply give them the image and they can upload to their Facebook page. I created the one above for one of our clients. They intend to use it on their page to advertise the design of their newest location.

Clicking on the link with take you to my Facebook page to see it in action. If you’re on a mobile device, it will work either with your finger dragging around the image or rotating the device.

If you’re interested in seeing more of the 360 panos, like my page and follow, as I will not always post here when a new one is uploaded.

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