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Residential Exterior Rendering


New residential exterior rendering of a single family house. Set in suburban Philadelphia, the rendering is being used to showcase a house design for a new suburban development.

360 Degree Panoramic Facebook Post

Recently started taking advantage of Facebook’s built-in ability to recognize 360 degree panoramic image files. The idea and concept has been around for years. But, Facebook just made it possible to load a simple panoramic jpg into a post and have it be interactive.

It works by reading the EXIF information attached to an image file. This happens usually without you having to do anything. The Camera will embed this info when you take the photograph.

However, rendering a panoramic image is another story. There is no EXIF info to embed. Adding this information manually allows the image to trick Facebook into thinking it was made with one of the new panoramic cameras that recently came on the market.

This is great for less tech savvy clients. There are no viewers that need to be installed or downloaded. It just works. You can simply give them the image and they can upload to their Facebook page. I created the one above for one of our clients. They intend to use it on their page to advertise the design of their newest location.

Clicking on the link with take you to my Facebook page to see it in action. If you’re on a mobile device, it will work either with your finger dragging around the image or rotating the device.

If you’re interested in seeing more of the 360 panos, like my page and follow, as I will not always post here when a new one is uploaded.

Cuttalossa Farm & Mill

Cuttalossa Mill House & Water Wheel | 2016

The Cuttalossa Farm is located in Solebury Township, Bucks County.

Sometimes you just have to take a day off from work and go for a drive down a winding dirt road.

I had seen many photographs of this mill over the years but never knew the name. A few months ago, I came across an article about the mill with a tiny photograph and finally had a name and a location. Thanks to google maps I was able to add it to my list of places to photograph.

I found myself with a day off of work and decided to spend the morning shooting some landscapes. The weather was not ideal, but since this location is surrounded by trees in a valley, I figured it was worth checking out.

Before heading out, I checked the sun angles just to see if there was anything interesting the sun might do that day.

A great free resource to do this is the website The Photographer’s Ephemeris (TPE). Even if you don’t have the opportunity to shoot at the best times of the day, it’s still good to know for reference where and when the light will be optimal. If nothing else, it helps to have this info in the back of your mind as you’re walking a site. This allows you to take note of geographical features and how they make work with the light in the future.

Cuttalossa Farm | 2016

The road leading to the mill is gravel. As you cross over the Cuttalossa Creek, the forest opens to reveal the spring house sitting in a small field.

Though the mill and the estate are the focus points of the site, I found myself drawn to the little spring house. The bare tree trunks connected the tiny house and the green grass to the larger canopy bursting with green leaves above.

Cuttalossa Road | 2016
Spring House | 2016

My time at Cuttalossa was peaceful, not a single person was around. It’s easy to see why so many have been drawn here and inspired by these surroundings. This place has a sense of being that changes with the seasons. Because of the timelessness of this place, there is no “best time”, each season will have it’s own character. The stillness of the mill and the permanence of the water will be a constant contrast to the surroundings.

Definitely going to make an effort to return throughout the year.

Sailing Class on the Bay

On the bay in Lavalette, NJ 2016.

Spent a few days in Lavalette, NJ this past week with family. Didn’t get to shoot as much as I’d hoped, but did find my way over to the bay while a sailing class was being held.  Buy Print

The Blueberry Thief

The Blueberry Thief

In the last post I mentioned shooting a fawn (with a camera) a couple weeks ago. He / she? is the prime suspect for stealing our blueberries. I saw him laying in the yard and wanted to see if he was okay, it was late in the morning and he was alone. I guess he was just waiting for me to go back in, so he could finish off the rest of his breakfast.