Image 52 project

In 2010, I started a 365 project for street photography. The majority of the images in the street photography portfolio were created as a result of this project. In the end, the project lasted longer than a year, but was not truly 365. I shot every weekday and while I did, technically, shoot on the weekends, those shots were more family / vacation snapshot type images. When viewed alongside the daily street shots, they stuck out and looked horribly out of place. After the first couple weeks it was clear they had to go and the project would continue with the shots made during the work week.

The original images were posted on my photography blog which no longer exists. I still have the images, but the database and the actual posts are long gone. The only place to find most of them in order is on my Tumblr blog which I rarely update. Some of the links are broken and some of the images are missing but most of it is there. I was doing the project for about a month prior to setting up the Tumblr site, so those early images were never part of the archive. The image to the right links to the first post on my tumblr site back in April 14, 2010.

TTL365 - April 14, 2010

 I didn’t bring up my old photo project to get hits on an out of date Tumblr site. 😉

For a while now, I’ve been looking to do another similar project, but haven’t found the right motivation. Over the last few months I’ve been getting back into some of the artistic interests that started me on the road toward design and ultimately visualization. Things like painting and sketching have been work product for so long that I no longer do them for fun.

Photography has been the one medium that bridges the gap, but even that can feel like work sometimes. So, to take things in a new direction, to re-sharpen some old skills as well as develop new ones, I’ve come up with the Image 52 Project.

Image 52 project

To be honest, I’m not sure what this is really going to end up becoming as far as content. I love the concept of Jake Parker’s Inktober. Basically a sketch or drawing a day, everyday, for the entire month of October, made with ink. Simple.

I want to keep this open, anything to not make it feel like work, or another assignment. One thing I learned from the 365 project and from Inktober is that doing a daily project is very difficult with my schedule…..hence the 52.

One image a week. Anything goes. Photograph one week, A rendering the next, followed by a pencil sketch. I have been really trying to work on my digital painting skills so I think that may end up being a focus.

For this first post, I’m considering this website as the first week’s project. I’ve reworked the whole site and added some new images, simplified the portfolios and the design. It may not be an “image”, but the concept behind Image 52 is to start creating for fun. The need to make this very post spawned the redesign of the site, which is the kind of creation / inspiration I hope this project will produce throughout the year.

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