Polygon Plotter

Where do Polygons come from? This whimsical personal project comes from three places. I went to the Philadelphia Art Museum last weekend and wanted to create an art piece. A simple installation that you could place on a pedestal (literally, not figuratively). ┬áSecond, I was asked to put a plotter together in the office. A plotter is basically a large scale printer used to print architectural drawings. Finally, I’ve been paying around with VR in some architectural renderings the last few months. This week I started to integrate them with a physical VR viewer. I’d been working with Google Cardboard quite a bit. The demo offered has a tutorial and example content that is very low poly. The application is so low poly that the triangles were used as a visual element.

None of these things were on my mind when I created this image. This started as a 3d doodle. Just making shapes and materials and playing with studio lighting. I wasn’t thinking about them at all consciously. Only after I finished did I step back and see all the influences from the past week come together in this image. Almost the same way your dreams can be influenced by the things you experience while awake.

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